This is a first, y’all.

Guns have been fired at protests before, by both sides, but this was the first time someone returned fire, turning this into more than just someone opening fire.

This was a straight-up gunfight.

The right-winger only got one shot off before his gun jammed. After…

I wish I could say that the drawn-out release of these articles has given me space to put a lot of time into these final installments. But instead, I haven’t written a thing since a week ago and am stuck drafting the last of this on the same day I’d…

“Summer of Love” flier for far-right rally in Portland.

At K-Mart, shit was a little weird. They’d brought a trailer covered in what looked like astroturf to use as a stage, with a huge US flag as a backdrop. A six-foot mockup of the Statue of Liberty stood to one side, and a US flag with a peace sign…

I’m splitting this article into parts, because it has grown ridiculously long. I’m not about to ask you to sit down in front of my shit for twenty minutes straight. Expect part 2 in another day or two. Thanks.

The exterior of the Penumbra Kelley building, with a flagpole in the foreground sporting two anti-police stickers.

I’d never seen the Penumbra Kelley Building in person before. Saw…

Pop! Pop!

My eyes snap open.

Those had to have been gunshots.


A city contains many loud, percussive noises — fireworks, backfires, trash compactors, train cars coupling, cargo trucks being loaded. Six months ago, the extent of my experience with the sound of gunfire was distant coughs heard while…

A flyer showed up distributed around NE yesterday, and it’s weird as shit. Seemingly titled “Anarchy as Order,” it sports the logo of Total Recall PAC — the organization spearheading the effort to recall Ted Wheeler as mayor of Portland. The thing is, Total Recall PAC disavows it entirely. …

Here’s some shit I wrote on Monday, with the intention of reviewing, editing, finishing and publishing it today. Here’s hoping that the one part I’m making good on is the part that matters most.

— — —

In the words of a tweet tweeted (twat?) mere minutes ago, oh how…

Things are happening, I’m not keeping up, and that’s fine. We’re all swine, here.

I had written a thing about the protest on the 25th, but then I posted that thing about not despairing instead, cuz it seemed so much more important.

So here is an incredibly untimely report on…

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