PDX Protest — Nazis in PPB

I’ve come to believe that PPB, and many other law enforcement agencies around the nation, are infiltrated by white supremacists who are clandestinely pushing this conflict further. (attached is an fbi document (its real, I checked) from 2006 talking about this very infiltration around the country)

I don’t believe, right now, that they’re particularly saturated, because I don’t see that as necessary. A few people in positions of power over the atmosphere of an environment can exert great control over the behaviors of those in that environment. Once again, this is the trick that the Third Reich used to radicalize Germans into antisemitism.

In a press inference on June 3, the PPB went over their response protocols when there is a danger coming from a demonstration (i.e. glass bottles flying.) the central goal is to stop the attack in a way that is both rapid and unlikely to cause injury. (avoidance of pain and discomfort is secondary)

1) tell them to stop through amplified sounds systems.
2) If you can tell who’s doing it, hit them with impact munitions (like 40mm sponge rounds)
3)if you can’t tell (say, cuz they’re five rows deep), startle and distract with flashbangs. This stops the dangerous behavior, and hopefully gives you time to identify the attacker.
4) if you still can’t identify them, use tear gas (“pain compliance”) to disperse the crowd.

This prorocall is so overkill! It’s like swatting a fly with a sledgehammer.

It’s also effective, and truly doesn’t cause much injury at all.

It also causes lots of pain to innocent people, pisses them off, and turns them against you.

When presented to everyday officers in the right frame, it really sounds quite compelling. “if protecting our officers and city property can be done rapidly and without injury, it’s a worthy tradeoff for the pain it causes.”

If there were a neonazi official in the right position at PPB who wanted to escalate civil discord, writing these response protocols could be enormously effective. As, well, we are seeing, whether that’s the causative chain or not.



Wannabe gonzo from the passenger cabin of an ’85 Toyota Van. We're all swine here. (He/her/they) (@captsodapocket)

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Dr. Sodapocket

Wannabe gonzo from the passenger cabin of an ’85 Toyota Van. We're all swine here. (He/her/they) (@captsodapocket)